Cookbook and travel authors will find this recipe module indispensable. 

Many other genres will also find that sharing recipes builds community among your readers and enhances your online image.

  1. To get started,  
    1. Add a message about your recipes.  Include a picture and invite readers to explore your recipes.  When you're satisfied, click update page.
    2. If you need a refresher on using the recipe page, this information can be found again at TUTORIAL CONTENTS
  2. Before you add a recipe
    1. select EDIT TYPES and EDIT SUBTYPES and add some categories for your recipes. 
    2. You can add or delete categories any time you want, but you must create a recipe TYPE before you can input a new recipe
  3. Now you're ready to add a recipe.  
    1. On the recipe control panel, click ADD/EDIT RECIPES. Choose EXAMPLE to see how to add a recipe. 
    2. You can either edit the EXAMPLE with your own recipe, or you can keep the example page by going back and selecting ADD recipe.
  4. Check your recipe by selecting it from your website.
    1. If you want to make changes, go back into your control panel, select EDIT RECIPES, and make your changes.
  5. Readers are invited to submit their own recipes
    1. New recipes will appear in your control panes as NEW USER CONTRIBUTED RECIPES. 
    2. You have the option to EDIT these recipes and to APPROVE or not approve each new recipe. 
    3. Once you choose approve it is added to the list of recipes available to readers.  Try adding a recipe this way to see how it works.
  6. Finally, your e-mail list. 
    1. readers are invited to sign up on an e-mail list to receive new recipes.
    2. To send out new recipes to your list,  click on START, located to the right of the words, SEND TO LIST. 
    3. On this next page, select which recipes you want to send, and click NEXT. 
    4. Click NEXT again you've previewed your message, then approve the list that you're sending to, and click SEND to mail these recipes.
  7. ENJOY!  We hope you'll end up with a lot of great new recipes. 


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